About Teamspinner

Teamspinner is a flexible tool to guide your projects created by Movinglabs. Teamspinner does not constrain the structure of your projects and organization. With Teamspinner you can easily work together on a project with an outsourcing party or a freelancer without the need to expose anything else.

Teamspinner allows users to participate in an unlimited number of projects and initiate new projects. The flexible structure makes it perfect to collaborate with remote teams, your clients and freelance specialists.

Account options

Every useraccount is free, so you can easily invite external users like customers. We charge for actual usage based on the number of projects and user groups.

You can create an unlimited number of FREE projects, you can allways upgrade them to the payed version.

Type Cost/Month Max. users Other
Small project FREE 5 Max. 5 pages
Medium project € 5,- 15
Large project € 20,- Unlimited
Small User Group € 5,- 5
Large User Group € 10,- Unlimited


We do not charge for projects created during the beta testing phase.

Special Options

Do you want something special? For example a branded Teamspinner for your own organization? Please contact us at info@movinglabs.com.